Corporate Responsibility​

Syrian Cotton’s Sustainable Business Model

In Syrian Cotton, we wanted to go beyond the concept of profitability to the concept of social responsibility & sustainability. We wanted to grow a sustainable Dutch business with a Syrian flavor. We wanted to design a business model that embodies our gratitude to the Netherlands that embraced us, our strive to increase the well-being of fellow refugees in the diaspora, and to share part of the Syrian rich and ancient heritage with the amazing Dutch community.

To realize this vision, we designed a business model that encompasses four pivotal stages:

1. Mindful Supplier Selection

We choose suppliers based on 3 essential criteria:

    1. A Famous or experienced Syrian manufacturer who restarted their businesses in new lands like Turkey or Egypt after fleeing the war in Syria.
    2. A manufacturer who employs a high percentage of skilled Syrian refugees
    3. A manufacturer who combines the legacy of the famous Syrian Cotton textile, high-quality & sustainable materials, and modern designs

2. Heritage and Quality Delivery:

In stage two we offer more than carefully selected high-quality products at accessible prices. We serve as a bridge to our rich Syrian heritage, our story, and our reliable service. We implement sustainable packaging solutions that echoes our environmental awareness alongside our desire to deliver happiness and part of our culture to our customers.

3. Returns

With the foundation set in stages 1 & 2, we foresee two pivotal outcomes:

    1. Growing financial returns
    2. Elevated customer satisfaction, as clients receive not just a luxurious product but a narrative, a legacy, and a contribution towards social and sustainable objectives.

4. Completing the Cycle:

  • We allocate part of our profits to organizations like UAF (Which supports refugees in their educational pursuits in the Netherlands) and the Dutch Food Bank.
  • By reinvesting in our trusted suppliers, we ensure continuous product flow and empower them to maintain stable income to their refugee staff, increases refugee hires, and nudges them toward favouring sustainability & organic Cotton inputs.
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By intertwining our business with societal welfare, we’re not just selling products; we’re sharing stories, promoting sustainability, and fostering community growth.

Championing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Syrian business model aligns with 7 of the UN SDGs

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030) have shaped our concept and formed the cornerstone of the Syrian Cotton’s mission and vision. We believe that every corporation must have a symbiotic relationship with its environment along with social and sustainable goals to achieve.

Syrian Cotton engages in Sustainable Development Goals number 1,2,4,5,8,10 and 15 as follows:

1- No Poverty: Syrian Cotton suppliers are mostly displaced Syrian producers who employ a high percentage of refugees. In this way, we have ensured the welfare and sustainable income for refugees in their new countries. Opening new markets for these producers will encourage them to employ more workers and consequently reduce poverty among fragile groups.

SDG Sustainable Development Goals - Social Impact Duurzameontwikkelingsdoelstellingen أهداف التنمية المستدامة
SDG Sustainable Development Goals Duurzameontwikkelingsdoelstellingen أهداف التنمية المستدامة

2- Zero Hunger: Syrian Cotton has decided to donate 1,5% of its yearly profit to Food Bank Netherlands (VOEDSELBANKEN.NL). according to Food Bank, “Nearly one million people in the Netherlands live below the poverty line”, “this dire situation can be solved simply by giving food surpluses. A solution both good for people and the environment.”


3- Quality Of Education: Syrian Cotton has decided to donate 1,5% as well of its yearly profit to UAF. An organization that supports refugee students and professionals in their studies and in finding suitable employment on the Dutch labour market since 1948. UAF ensures that refugees have an equal opportunity to access quality education so they can use their knowledge to make a meaningful contribution to Dutch society.

SDG Sustainable Development Goals - Social Impact Duurzameontwikkelingsdoelstellingen أهداف التنمية المستدامة
SDG Sustainable Development Goals Duurzameontwikkelingsdoelstellingen أهداف التنمية المستدامة

4- Gender Equality: Out of our deep belief in the importance of gender equality as a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world. We make sure that women have an equal role in the Syrian Cotton supply chain.

5- Decent Work and Economic Growth: Syrian Cotton activities aim to promote decent work and economic growth along our inflow & outflow supply chain. By opening new markets for the displaced high-quality manufacturers, we are allowing and encouraging them to offer larger groups a decent work environment. Moreover, concurrently with our business growth, we aim to hire a diverse group, consequently reducing the number of unemployed who receive social benefits and turn them into positive taxpayers.

SDG Sustainable Development Goals - Eco Friendly - Duurzameontwikkelingsdoelstellingen أهداف التنمية المستدامة
SDG Sustainable Development Goals Duurzameontwikkelingsdoelstellingen أهداف التنمية المستدامة

6- Reduced Inequality: To reduce the inequality against refugees and immigrants in their new societies, we have built our business model around the concept of supporting displaced Syrian producers who employ a high percentage of refugees, especially in countries that have received hundreds of thousands of refugees like Turkey and Egypt. One of our goals of Choosing the name of Syrian Cotton is to associate high-quality products and services with the word “Syrian” which, as we hope, will bring more acceptance for Syrian refugees in the Dutch and European society.

7- Life on Land: Besides that, Cotton is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable in comparison with chemical fibers that are petroleum-based. We have chosen also sustainable packaging solutions through our recycled paper wrapping and 100% Biodegradable and recyclable plastic sending envelopes.

SDG Sustainable Development Goals Duurzameontwikkelingsdoelstellingen أهداف التنمية المستدامة

Tackling Climate Change One Thread at a Time

Tackling Climate Change One Thread at a Time مقاربة سيريان كوتون للتغير المناخي Klimaatverandering draad voor draad aanpakken

At Syrian Cotton, every thread we weave is a testament to our dedication to a sustainable future.


1- Durability Over Disposability: In a world drowning in fast fashion, did you know that a staggering 92 million tons of textile waste is produced every year? Against this backdrop, Syrian Cotton stands firm in its commitment to durability. By providing high-quality cotton products that last, we play an active role in reducing the global textile waste burden. Investing in a Syrian Cotton product isn’t just a purchase; it’s a sustainable choice that reduces the need for frequent replacements and counters the disposable culture of today.


2- Natural and Climate-Friendly: Cotton, in its purest form, is biodegradable and a far cry from synthetic, petroleum-based fabrics that burden our environment. Our products, free from harmful chemicals, promise not just skin safety but also a pledge to our precious earth. Choosing Syrian Cotton isn’t just about embracing luxury; it’s about endorsing a product that harmonizes with nature.


3- Digital-First Approach: Embracing the digital sphere isn’t just about modernity; it’s about the environment. Online retail can result in a 30% lower carbon footprint per transaction when compared to traditional retail, thanks to reduced energy consumption and transportation emissions. Every click in our online store is not only a nod to convenience but also a step towards a more carbon-conscious future.


4-Luxury for All: At Syrian Cotton, we believe that sustainability shouldn’t be a luxury. By offering high-quality products at affordable prices, we enable more individuals, regardless of their economic status, to make eco-conscious decisions. It’s not just the wealthy who deserve sustainable choices, and with us, everyone can play a part in environmental preservation. This inclusive vision underpins our motto: “Who said luxury should be expensive?”


Together, by championing these values, Syrian Cotton is not only weaving unparalleled comfort but also meticulously crafting a sustainable and inclusive future, one thread at a time