Shenineh Underwear

 Shenineh Company was launched in 1963 from Aleppo, one of the oldest major cities of the ancient Silk Road. Shenineh was distinguished throughout its history by combining the finest Syrian cotton with skilled hands whose products covered many Middle Eastern and International markets. After the years of war in Syria, the Shenineh family carried the secrets of their profession, creativity, and wide fame to disembark in Istanbul, Turkey, and start their business again and present more than 56 models of high-quality cotton


 It is one of the leading companies in the sector that was founded in the 1980s. Using modern technology, it offers trendy ergonomic and healthy products with its professional design team. Öts Underwear has become a sought-after brand both in the Turkish market and in the world underwear market with its exports


Cotton & More is an Egyptian contribution company that produces all kinds of towels and bathrobes of all international sizes in its integral factories at Sadat City. it’s one of “SABBAGH & SHABOUN” companies that was established in 1984. Led by “SABBAGH GROUP” that extends back to 1945 in Textile manufacturing.